Behaviour Support Implementation
Behaviour Support Implementation
Every person with a disability is an individual, with their own distinct needs and characteristics, and we recognize this at Umoja Disability Services. (BSP) specifies certain strategies and interventions to manage a behaviour of concern.A BSP is designed to assist in understanding and managing those behaviours of concern, which can be difficult and challenging at times.

Professionals, including psychologists, counsellor, educators, and support workers, construct the strategy. The objective is to do a complete evaluation of the person’s surroundings, requirements, and behaviours.A behaviour support plan is a written document designed to assist in understanding and controlling conduct in kids and people who have learning difficulties and exhibit challenging behaviour.A behavioural support plan gives caretakers a step-by-step roadmap for ensuring the person not only has a high quality of life, but also makes it clear when carers should step in to stop a hard behaviour situation.

The following choices are available when a behaviour support plan is implemented:

  • Develop a behaviour support plan
  • Consultation on Supporting Behaviour
  • Training in Behaviour Management
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