Group and Centre Based Activities
Group and Centre Based Activities
Get Assistance with Group and Centre Based Activities Across Sydney
At Umoja Disability Services, we can help you participate in a wide range of group and centre-based activities across various locations in Sydney. If you need to stay active and want to live a fulfilling and enriched life, our team can help you get started.

We have skilled support workers who can work with you to develop schedules of activities that are highly flexible with room for personal choices and autonomy both at home and in the community.

Our team can assist with the coordination of a support plan based on your abilities and expert advice from Allied Health professionals to provide a tailored service to specifically meet your preferences.

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What Supports Do You Need?
We have the capacity to support you to improve your social interaction skills and provide the assistance you require to actively participate in the following group centre activities in Sydney:
  • Therapy support for the development of communication skills to socialise with others
  • Preparing of food and cooking activities
  • Assistance with crochet, arts, crafts and related activities
  • Support with indoor and outdoor recreational activities such as sports and board games
  • Support with visiting shops, libraries and other community centres
  • Help with gardening and yard maintenance such as lawn mowing
  • Help with joining fitness centres to achieve both short and long-term fitness goals
  • Assistance with photography and participating in similar sessions
  • Employment and career skill development
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