Daily Personal Activities
Daily Personal Activities

Assistance with Daily Personal Activities

The team at Umoja Disability Services is available to assist you with daily personal care tasks. To support you in achieving your goals and maintaining your independence, we provide a variety of daily personal care supports to enable you to carry on living your life as you see fit.

We can assist you with daily personal care activities involving:

  • Guidance to use assistance assistive technology such as electronic appliances or aids
  • Attending appointments
  • Personal Hygiene including assistance with showering, dressing and grooming
  • Meal Preparation including assistance with feeding
  • Gardening Maintenance
  • Overnight Support including assistance with toileting and bowel management
  • Mobility Support – Like helping you get in and out of bed
  • Assisting with both the physical and financial aspects of grocery shopping
  • Cognitive and learning assistance

Why Choose us for Assistance with Daily Personal Activities?

We aim to deliver supports in a safe, dignified and flexible manner based on your goals and aspirations as we understand these goals can vary greatly from one participant to another.

All our support workers are trained to actively listen to you, respect your views and preferences and deliver tailored supports that meet your unique needs.

Get in touch with us for a better life towards more independence, inclusion and capacity building.

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