Community Participation
Community Participation

Community Participation Assistance

Our community participation supports and services are designed to create genuine opportunities for community inclusion and engagement.

Being able to take part in social and recreational activities is an important aspect of everyday life that positively contributes to general health and well-being. Whether your goal is to engage these activities independently or with a support worker in the community, our team can help you achieve this.

We closely work with participants in our care to gain an insight into their hobbies, interests and goals to develop tailored programs and recreational activities in line with their specific needs.

At Umoja, our community participation services aim to:

  • Provide you with assistance required to attend social, cultural and sporting events
  • Facilitate access to vital community and medical services
  • Support you to access educational centres and courses for personal skill development
  • Safely support you to plan and undertake excursions including camping and adventure activities, scenic site seeing, museum and movie theatre visits
  • Support you to explore recreational centres and participate in recreational activities like swimming, hiking, dancing and many more other activities of your choice.
  • Support you to visit your friends and family
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