Household Tasks
Household Tasks

Get Assistance with Household Tasks

We understand that some people due to their health conditions may require assistance with the undertaking of certain domestic tasks. Our team of dedicated staff are available any time to provide you with all the necessary support required to safely complete domestic tasks in Sydney such as:

  • House cleaning of areas such as toilets, bathrooms and living areas
  • Laundry assistance including provision of clean linen
  • Gardening, lawn mowing, and watering plants
  • Ironing, dish washing and drying
  • Spring cleaning such as raking of leaves
  • Assistance with banking/financial management including tracking of bills
  • Assistance with cooking and meal preparation
  • Assistance with grocery shopping
  • Taking out the garbage as per local council requirement
  • Provision of emotional support at home including companionship

What Makes Our Assistance with Household Tasks Unique?

We recognize that your household needs may vary from that of another participant. Therefore, we provide tailored plans to meet your unique needs in the comfort of your home with your safety at heart.

The level of support provided by our support workers in a household setting can vary depending on your specific requirement. Support delivery could involve our workers fully performing household tasks for you or providing training and support to help you learn to complete those tasks independently.

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