Supported Independent Living
Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Every individual deserves a place to call home where they have a sense of belonging, feel safe and comfortable with peace of mind. The right choice of home combined with suitable levels of supports and services that we offer can significantly contribute towards capacity building and achieving an independent lifestyle.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) where we provide high quality supports to assist you build your future and live as independently as possible is a service that our team specializes in.

We are more than happy to assist you from the very beginning of your NDIS journey to seek a home of your choice to live in and also recommend some of our SIL homes with current vacancies subject to your needs or preferences.

At Umoja, we can support you to live in a quality home that we can fully furnish based on your needs/preferences with the following available as minimum standard:

  • High Speed Internet for HD Streaming or Gaming
  • New kitchen equipment and utensils
  • New Refrigerator
  • Large Screen TV (75”)
  • Streaming Services (Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime)
NDIS Accommodation

How Can We Meet Your SIL Accommodation Needs?

The location of your new home, what type of supports and services you want to receive, who you want to live or share your home with are all real choices and decisions that you will be empowered to make when receiving care from our team.

Our friendly, caring and compassionate support workers are able to provide the following supports and services in any SIL home of your choice:

  • Assistance with capacity building tasks such as meal preparation, cooking and gardening activities
  • Assistance with personal care tasks such as showering and dressing
  • Domestic assistance with tasks such as paying bills, budgeting and grocery shopping
  • Management and administration of medication
  • Coordination of medical and other mainstream community service appointments
  • Supervision of community outings
  • Facilitating access to activities that promote development of social and communication skills
  • Awake/Active overnight and sleepover supports during night shifts
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